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Joanna Mamede is an artist and filmmaker from Brazil based in the UK. Her work explores notions of difference, language, translatability, and identity by using symbolism and motifs. Experimenting with text, graphic interferences, and narrative codes, her films and installations exist beyond genres to reveal spaces in between and the structures that hold them. 

Her films have been selected by festivals worldwide such as Aesthetica Film Festival, Future Now Symposium, Gstaadfilm, Videobardo, and Berlin Revolution, among others. Her installations have been exhibited at the Tate Modern, Central Saint Martins, The Rich Mix, and Deptford X.

She became a Master of Research in Art: Moving Image at Central Saint Martins in 2019, where her research 'Transbordo: The Fear of the Other Word', analysed how women artists use text on screen to deconstruct oppressed language systems. She is on the Board of Trustees of Lux Moving Image, helps advocate for the Decolonising the Arts Curriculum at UAL, and is part of ICCG, Institution that manages for educational purposes Gilberto's Chateaubriand's collection, portraying the history of Brazilian contemporary art from 1915 to today.

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