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The Anthill


Country: UK/Brazil

Duration: 17 mins | 27 Seconds

Colour, Sound: Silent, Ratio: 16:9

The Anthill celebrates the advancement of Brazilian Indigenous activism and political participation, and how moving images can act as a tool for restorative justice. Engaging with Hito Steyerl’s text ‘In Defence of the Poor Image’ and Tom Kissock-Mamede’s research on Indigenous Video Activism, the film questions the perception of video activism as a proxy profession, updating the idea of poor images with high circulation to a current setting, where there is less distinction between film and video, mainstream and social media, and high and low resolution images. Through symbolic cosmovisions and mobile images, the film reclaims the modernist Brasilia as an indigenous territory through germination and emergence, creating a path for a more ancestral future.

Historically, Indigenous groups in Brazil have had to convene in the modernist capital Brasilia, from all over the country to demand their rights. Captured in 2023 on a mobile phone, the same year the Ministry of Indigenous People was established in Brazil, The Anthill is simultaneously a celebration of Indigenous victories, a reminder of the struggles encountered by Indigenous groups, and a reflection on the power of video technology in the current climate.

Experimental Documentary Filmed and Edited by Joanna Mamede

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