“Translation is not only switching from one language to another, it is also something we do to explain our mind to the world, which is in turn language itself. I like to deconstruct discourses and traditional narratives to find the spaces in between elements, the differences, which might aid or prevent communication.  Because ultimately, to make art is to translate meaning.”

Joanna K Mamede is an artist born in Rio de Janeiro 

and based in London. Her work explores language, culture, and the perception of difference. Bilingual, Joanna infuses her films, photos, and installations with issues of translation and elements of postcolonial thought, inspired by her own identity of being a woman brought up between 

Brazil and the UK. She received a distinction for her MRes: Art Moving Image from Central Saint Martins, where her research 'Transbordo: The Fear of the Other Word' analysed how women artists use text on screen to deconstruct oppressed language systems and historical structures.




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