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A two-day symposium by Afterall and MASP at Central Saint Martins 20–21 May 2019

This symposium is part of the research project ‘Art and Decolonization’ jointly led by Afterall and the Museu de arte de São Paulo (MASP) and funded by the British Academy Newton Fellowship. 


Tuesday 21 May

14:10 Lecture performance by FaceintheHole (Joanna Mamede and Ana Luiza Rodrigues).

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Chelsea College of Arts, UAL



Clare Farrell - Co-founder Extinction Rebellion

Tim Crosland - Director Plan B Climate Litigation charity
Green Ravers - Designers and Activists
Joanna Mamede -  Visual Artist and Researcher
David Cross - Artist and Academic

Simon Maidment - Dean of Design UAL

"We need to deconstruct political narratives that may jeopardise the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, and also critically think about different views of what is development. There is a lot we can contribute as artists in world politics"  

Joanna Mamede

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This episode of Interrogating Spaces profiles the latest Decolonising the Arts Curriculum exhibition at Central St Martins library, curated by Rahul Patel. The artists lead us through the ideas at play in each of their artworks and their social and political resonances. They speak openly about their personal experiences and help us gain new perspectives on race, bias, identity, ‘otherness’ and decolonisation.