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Country: UK/BR

Duration: 16 minutes | 39 Seconds

Colour, Sound: Stereo, Ratio: 16:9

Turner is a visual and emotional journey, exploring the complex interplay between colours, moods, and the human experience. The film introduces us to Ella Turner, who tries to find herself between pink and blue moods. These vibrant hues serve as metaphors for the ever-changing nature of life, delving into the symbols she uses to make sense of her surroundings. These symbols become intertwined with broader themes of gender and society, where societal constructs influence identity and mental health. Drawing inspiration from the evocative seascapes of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the film explores how colours and wavelengths can convey a spectrum of emotions. The ocean's ebb and flow as a metaphor for life's uncertainties and endless possibilities echoes Ella's own quest for meaning and understanding as she translates her own emotional journey into a vivid palette. A narrator and graphic interferences reminiscent of old educational videos enhance the film's layers, providing explanations for phenomena like Rayleigh scattering and the science behind colours in nature, adding levels and context to the narrative. Through Ella's emotional spectrum, Turner becomes an exploration of selfhood and emotion and the outward signs we chose, provoking thought about what meaning is subscribed to when navigating the world.

Maybe Nymph


Country: Brazil

Duration: 6 mins | 03 Seconds

Colour Sound: Stereo, Ratio: 16:9

A Nymph tries to communicate with a logger who cannot see her. Inspired by the myth of Eco and Narcissus, Maybe Nymph uses the Brazilian Modernist concept of 'Antropofagia'  to address an unequal relationship in different levels; woman/man, colonised/coloniser, oppressed/oppressor. Set in a forest, texts and other interferences disorientate the diegetic time of the film, and bring these characters to a contemporary discussion.


Starring: Jessica Fertonari Cooke and Felipe Dall'anese

Post-Production: BlankTape


Official Selection:

Future Now Symposium 2021 /Aesthetica Shortfilm Film Festival 2020 / Berlin Revolution 2020 /Festival de Petrópolis 2020 /Gstaadfilm, Leipzig 2019

Words Above All


Country: UK

Duration: 3 mins | 27 Seconds

B&W, Sound: Stereo, Ratio: 16:9

The project Face in the Hole aims to dissociate political discourse from political image through the dismemberment of the word. The moving image work “Palavras Acima de Tudo” registers a Brazilian politician’s discourse throughout the years, and a 2-meter-tall piece with the words translated to English is placed in a square in London. Experimental short-film premiered as part of the exhibition The Art of Fake News at the Rich Mix, London. May 2022.

Read Me


Country: UK

Duration: 8 mins | 39 Seconds

Colour, B&W, Sound: Silent, Ratio: 16:9


Read Me focuses on the authority of the written word on screen. Moving image is an arena of power for written text. Letters create meaning beyond the structure of the screen, and even an untranslated text remains a concept of knowledge within this space. 

Untitled Walk


Country: UK

Duration: 1 mins |22 Seconds


Walking home at night is a gendered experience.

Pisa Ligeiro (Tread Lightly)


Country: UK/BR  

The film celebrates the establishment of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil and documents the newly elected Minister Sonia Guajajara and the Member of the Chamber of Deputies Celia Xakriabá ascending the ramp of the National Congress with their supporters. Historically, Indigenous groups in Brazil have had to convene in the modernist capital Brasilia, from all over the country to demand their rights. The film reimagines and explores notions of restorative justice through symbolic cosmovisions of reclaiming Brasilia as an indigenous territory through germination and emergence, creating a path where the future is ancestral. Filmed during events surrounding the establishment of the Ministry and movements led by Indigenous Women, it’s simultaneously a celebration of indigenous victories and a reflection on the struggles encountered by indigenous groups.

Sem Mim (Without Me)

Video Art. 2023 

Country: UK/PT   

Duration: 3 mins | 02 seconds

After motherhood, she can't find herself in her own home. She is not the main character of her story.

Good to See You 


This film addresses the experience of lockdown. I'm still working on this project to figure out long-term consequences.

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