Joanna Mamede and Ana Luiza Rodrigues
Face In The Hole 2019
200 cm x 100 cm

Tate Exchange Jan 2019

The ProjectFaceIntheHole aims to dissociate political discourse from political image and inspire critical thought.


The first piece was exhibited at Tate Modern's Blavatnkik Building in London as part of the Come Together: Art and Politics in a climate of unrest: with Central Saint Martins. For more information visit insta account and for project pdf please

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The ongoing project includes installations, photographs, and moving image. Visit @faceinthehole on instagram for updates.


Text As Arena of Power

Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2019

Moving Image may become an arena of power for the written word. This installation/performance depicts my own artistic process and investigations parallel to my research, and to the current political climate.